sunnuntai 25. kesäkuuta 2017

UPCOMING SONG: ' Where Am I? ' The first sample of the song on YouTube

Hope everyone had a dope Midsummer! Flowerpower!

Here's the first sample of the upcoming song of mine called ' Where Am I? '

As you can hear, it's far from any of the songs I've previously released. 
It's more like sunshine pop/folk rock/indie with hints of reggae. A chill out tune for summer.

Hopefully you're gonna like it. 

A lonely rider is passing by, whistling on his way...

lauantai 24. kesäkuuta 2017

' U. ' is currently #1 on Metal Chart at IMP and #10 on All Genres Chart!

Thank you at IndieMusicPeople for listening to my song ' U. ' !

It reached #20 on Kayak Big 25 and is now #1 on Metal Chart and #10 on All Genres Chart.

They have 35274 songs on the chart.
It feels crazy that mine is tenth ( and yes I remember that ' Murdering Lights ' once was first and that was insanely awesome... And crazy! :D ). 

Last page of All Genres Chart. A lot of songs. 

Hopefully you've all had a nice summer so far!

sunnuntai 7. toukokuuta 2017

Black Label & Darkeness Stations + Kayak Big 25 Chart ( ' U. ' )

Yeaaah, I'm happy Black Label Station added ' U. '

If you like alternative hard rock, heavy metal, trash metal, garage punk, grunge and so on you might like the bands on the station. Here's the link. 

' U. ' is currently #21 on Kayak Big 25 Chart.
It debuted #25, then went #23 and now up again.
Thank you for listening! :)

Here's the link to the show if you wanna listen to some new music.

Murdering Lights was added to a station called Darkeness.
There are genres like gothic hard rock, punk pop, electronic industrial, gothic trance, hard alternative and so on. Interesting! I'm already finding something new to listen and adding them on my station here: TonyGirl's Favorites.

Grunge is not dead! I loved this one a lot: ' Save Me ' by Meat Moldy. Sexy vocals. ;)

tiistai 2. toukokuuta 2017

Spotlight Interview at IMP!

This Spotlight interview was released a while ago at but apparently I had linked it to FB but not here. Well, here it is in case you missed it! I also added a link to my frontpage banner so it's easy to find later on if you don't have the time to read it now.


Thank you Scott for interviewing me!

A screenshot of the interview

I had fun doing the interview, hopefully you enjoy it or enjoyed it when it was released.
Haha! :D

maanantai 1. toukokuuta 2017

Lyric video for Whatever Happens now on YouTube!

I got this condition called " Bell's palsy " and my face is paralyzed at the moment. Let's hope I'm one of the 95% who will recover completely. I took some art pictures of this condition to empower myself and to celebrate May Day. After that I got an idea to add those pics to ' Whatever Happens ' lyrics video I made today for therapy: I really need to believe I will survive and my face will be normal soon! I was also a bit pissed off and felt a bit sarcastic when I edited the video. It helped! :D

Hopefully you had better MayDay celebration than I did! 

Well, here's the video. Hopefully you enjoy it:

I also posted to Instagram about this earlier. At first I was like I'm not gonna worry but now I'm a bit worried and tired about this. I need some peer support...Again. 

maanantai 20. maaliskuuta 2017

Lyric video for ' U.' on YouTube!

Hi there!

Here's the lyric video for ' U. ' on YouTube with a clip from one of my favorite movie ever: ' Girl, Interrupted '. I hope U like it!

perjantai 17. maaliskuuta 2017

Can't blame U. - The other side of the story behind the song

My new single called ' U. ' was released. Thank U all for listening to it! Here are the links to all the streaming/download sites I'm at in case U haven't and want to: MUSIC

It's a bitchy, sarcastic, angry song about an unhealthy relationship. It's an anger management tool.

" Metal for desperate housewives " but not to blame any gender. I've been twice in a relationship where I was told that if I'd leave the person would kill themselves. I'm pansexual so U can do the math... I've never been a part of the gang who wants to blame " the opposite sex ", whatever sex it is to U.
I've none: I consider my soul to be some sort of  genderfluid. I love my both parts equally.

Pretty as a bitch

It's also not a song to blame suicidal people. Those who are really depressed and want to die. I'd never mock them, never! It's just I don't like to be threatened and I don't appreciate suicide to be a way to blackmail someone to be with u. That's just a sick way to control and it's violence. I'm never going to tolerate that kind of bullshit anymore!

If U really want to kill yourself, U don't want to do harm to others, U just want to escape the suffering. That's completely a different story and has nothing to do with this song of mine.

I can't blame U. 

The other side of the story is: There's only one certain link between U and your sucky relationships.

And that's U.

Communication is always between more than just one person. A relationship is always between U and another person, not just the other person that U can blame if the whole thing sucks. U get to be angry, to write a song about that.

But U can't blame men. Or women. Or your EX for all the shit U had to go through.

At least I feel I can't. But oh dear how it felt good to do such an angry song about the matter!
It's always good to make something good about the bad. Hopefully the song is therapeutic to others as well.

I have this problem I have to manage in me:

I'm too nice to the point it's not nice anymore. People will control U, if U let them.
Whenever I'm in a relationship I tend to do too much. Give too much and  forget myself.
If my love says: " Please don't go to the gym, I want to hang out. ", there's a high risk I won't go.
If the one I'm with says: " I wanted to spend time today with U, can U please leave the computer...? "
there's a high risk I won't do my creative work.

And then I get frustrated, distant and nervous. My own life passes by and I feel like I'm trying but I never have time. I need a lot of space to do my thing.

I also take care about the person I'm with to the point it starts to be more like a mother-child relationship ( and I'm the mothering type ) than a healthy relationship between two adults.

So I'm also mocking myself with the " desperate housewives " pictures. I coukd sing " I CAN take it! " because I've been an annoying martyr taking shit from people. Then it gets worse and worse and all of the sudden I leave.

But I think I've learned the lesson! The song was mainly written a long time ago. At least I understand my part of the story and I control myself: I will rock no matter what and I won't stop to live for anyone. And that's the message I want to deliver: God gives us gifts and passions. It might not be art or music, it can be anything but it's U, the purest and most honest U. Never let anyone stop U to do your thing. Not for a relationship, not for anything. Be free to do stuff! The person who really loves U will never ever be in your way!

And never ask someone to give up on their dreams for U. That's crazy selfish!

One person asked me what I'm doing at the band practise. I sing and I write music. That's what I do! I also don't go to a recording studio to cheat...