torstai 31. joulukuuta 2015

Mah 1st New Year Eve's Speech - May tonygirlpower be with you!

Hello dear citizens of TonyGirl's Word,

This world has only just begun. I want to tell you a story how this all began.

It was last New Year. 

I got drunk like rockstar's did back then when it still was cool.
I cried and sounded like some sorta Doom's Day Horn. And I'm not talking about my vocals in
 ' Whatever Happens '. 

I cried, since I had no band, no music project at all. 
I had old demo's and lot's of material.

No-one to collaborate with. Only bittersweet memories of old band times.

So I cried that my whole life is ruined. I'm a singer without a song. Dying here without music!

Then I sent a message to one of my friend with whom I had started to make an electronic song in 2013. 
She said she no longer had time to do it with me. She was supportive and said:
" You better work bitch ". 

" You never know if you release a song in 2015 and people will like it. "

I cried  HOW am I going to do it?! 

So. In spring it all started to bug me again. The songs that are stuck inside my computer and inside my head half done. 

I asked God: " Show me the way ( or leave me the heck alone with this music pain! ) "

I was depressed and willing to quit my dreams to make music ( with other ppl )
To try once more and if God will show me something else than music, I'd stop crying and live without music then ( crazy idea's come when you are desperate ).

So I went to check which is a finnish site where musician's search stuff like ppl to collaborate with. I was skeptic and ready to embrace a dissapointment.

Then I found Rock Above Studio and Tomi Korhonen immediately responded he can help!

All of the sudden I was at the studio recording! I recorded two songs. 

Gettin serious with it

The song that I haven't realeased yet is about depression and I wonder if I sound too glad when I sing the chorus. At least I had hard times singing the verses without smiling and sounding happy. 
" Oh, I still sound happy, let's do them again! " :D

I am really thankful I got finally started! I promise not be be scared again.
Never let your fears block your way!

Thank you for this Year 2015 and I hope you continue with me in year 2016 when I will release
new song called ' Murdering Lights '  in March or April.

Thanks for collaboration Rock Above Studio and Tomi. 
Thank you dear music fans who have listened ' Whatever Happens ' and Liked.
Thanks for making my Xmas Special special <3 
The whole 2015 special for me. 

And oh, thank you God. ^^ 

Have a Happy New Year!