sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2016

The Official Video for ' Murdering Lights ' now on YouTube!

Subject: Depression
Music: TonyGirl
Cast: Anssi Lipsanen
Crew: TonyGirl, Mikko Saari, Dimitri Roukki, Tia Lindroos  THANK YOU!

Music recorded at Rock Above Studio

Directed, written, filmed and edited by: TonyGirl

Contact for casting & other collaboration:

Anssi Lipsanen as depressed citizen of Korso 

lauantai 28. toukokuuta 2016

10 Powerful Life Lessons from the Making Of ' Murdering Lights ' Documentary!

We all know Paulo Coelho's 10 Powerful Life Lessons from the Alchemist. But how about these from the videoshoot for ' Murdering Lights ' music video? Check 'em out and change your life!

1. It's essential to believe in yourself and in the stuff you do. When you feel insecure, tell to yourself out loud that everything's going to be fine. The positive mind will get positive things done. All the mistakes can be turned into victory and you should not think about mistakes when you are doing things. 

2. Follow your instincts. Trust the voice within. Follow the signs and you'll get there. 

3. It's important to have some goal, some point where you aim. It's easier to do things when you have a path to follow. Take small steps. The body will follow the head. There's always a point when you figure out where the things are going. Then you can stop and choose your path. 

4. Never judge a book by it's cover or an unfinished project before you see the final product. It's okay to doubt but do not let it stop you complete the tasks you feel in your heart are important. To manage chaos is hard but it can be done. Remind yourself you are on your way and you shouldn't get pissed if something seems irrational. 

5. Depression is a minds way to protect you from suffering. At some point there's no escape. A human being must suffer to develope. No pain, no gain. 

6. If you feel depressed let yourself feel it. Understand that it's a mental disorder in it's time and place. The power of will can only get you somewhere. Sometimes it's better just to let the depression flow through. Forgive yourself that you are not able to do the dishes or whatever you think it's important to do. Watch some stupid tv shows and hate. The most important thing is to realize that it's only a phase even if it lasts 10 years and feels like forever. You can be cured.  And if you try to make yourself well with self-hate, guilt and pressure it will only feed the troll of depression. 

7. If you are doing something that you need to focus on, whatever you do, DO NOT THINK ABOUT VAGINA'S! You'll lose the concentration at once the vagina fills your head. So shake it off as soon as possible. And if something isn't working it's better to admit it and move on. Don't dwell on things. 

8. It says stupid on the wall and at school they said you are one. NEVER let anything or anyone label you! And never let yourself tell you that you are a shame or dumb. There's a reason for everyone and even stupid people have a right to live a happy life. Believe in your purpose and ability.  Do a music video even no-one thinks you can. It'll be awesome!

9. If you feel anger, let it out. But if you feel depressed, be calm. If you leave the rage in you, you'll get depressed for sure. So be calm and let it out. Find some productive channel to break away from the chains of your depression. Hit a concrete wall, write a poem, lay on your bed calmly and think awful things. Go to a forrest and scream your lungs out. But do it with dignity and be calm. 

10. If you know you'll likely get depressed every spring or fall or whatever, plan ahead something that will cheer you up or help. I never leave myself without a project when the spring and the Murdering Lights come.  


With Love, TonyGirl

The Funniest Making Of Documentary FILLED with bloopers is here!

Do you know the terms '  dark seduction ', ' angst-sitting ', passing by ' and the fact that if you wear animal tested make-up and cover it with cruelty free then it'll undo the harm?

If not, it's time to figure out what do normal people eat, how a music video is done at Korso and what confused TonyGirl underneath the bridge ( NEVER CONSIDER IT WHILE FILMING ).

Yep, click the video's play button and have a funny moment with the craziest crew ever. Share the fun with your friends at social media. Thank you!

Here are a few screenshots from the documentary with some comments from Tony the most unclear director ever.

We were filming during night between 26th and 27th of March. It's good to hurt some soul on Easter
I had some pressure when I found out Korso's center will be full of people for Country Fair on the 27th. I was afraid we didn't have enough time for the videoshoot. Glad we made it. 

This scene never made it to the video. This is a perfect example of my directing skills. Anssi did great job catching the feeling.

The point here is to think about how depressing summer can be. The idea is not to pretend it's summer. The snow is not so summerish.

Anssi never asked what the fff do I mean or laughed at me. This means " Oops, I pressed the zoom button and rolled the cam accidentally.  It's only a philosophical and more beautiful way to say it, right?

A good director gives some room to the actor. And you should never get undressed without a plan. There's a reason I'm not in this video nude. The reason is that I am an artist and a musician who must be taken seriously. I'm not an attention whore at all. 

Maybe one day I'll be on my video. When the hell freezes or something.

Yes! I really enjoyed this! I've always wanted to make music video's. I'll have like 2 or 3 more songs on the subject ( depression ) so who knows, maybe the depressed citizen of Korso will return someday! And we all know that in sequels you must have more violence ( SCREAM with me! )

If you keep your eyes open, you can find almost anything from Korso. But please do not move here. We don't want you to ruin our Korso. 

This footage was filmed without anyone realizing that the camera was on. I'm so glad no-one had sex during that 20 minutes. But I heard everything they said when I wasn't in the room. THUG LIFE!

Is it....? Could it be...? YES! It's  a definition of a music video! Excellent choice!

Anssi getting tired. 

So you think there's NO WAY there's going to be a music video after watching us making it?
You'll be seeing that SOON. Here's the teaser of the video in case you can't wait:


perjantai 27. toukokuuta 2016

The tale of depressed one from Korso - Screenshot's from upcoming music video for ' Murdering Lights ' !

Like we all know my song ' Murdering Lights ' is about depression. In Finland the suicide statistics tell that most suicides happen springtime. The darkest month is May. The light changes and you are pressured to be happy and get things done since the sun is shining and the summer is around the corner. That can be hard for those who suffer from depression, anxiety and so on. In Finland our summer is so short and the winter is dark and cold.

 So the song was published at Spotify, Deezer and iTunes in March 14th 2016 and the video was shot during Easter at Korso, small place at Vantaa ( near Helsinki ) , Finland.

 I've lived here for a long time and this place is ranked to be one of the most restless, depressive ( and even scary ) there is at the area ( Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo... ). I've suffered from depression and anxiety but I like it here and even the reputation of Korso is bad, I think it's a nice place. The best one.

Anyways for the song the reputation is perfect! Here are a few screenshot's from the ' Murdering Lights ' music video that will be published on YouTube this sunday, May 29th 2016.

I hope the song and the video gives hope to those who wish to stay in the darkness and those who want to die. I don't anymore, and if you knew how deeply depressed I used to be you couldn't imagine I could ever be able to record a song and direct and shoot any music videos. And all those things you have to do like to rent lights and ask people to join the team. Doing their make-up and catering them... So, anything is possible! You can do things too and depression can one day be gone.

The video is starring my friend Anssi Lipsanen, who has survived from drug addiction and is working these days to help others and spread the knowledge on the subject. Thank you Anssi for being a part of my project and making this world a better place! ( someone is looking pretty damn good, btw... )

Underneath the same bridge where the promotion pictures for the song was taken in February. It was cold then, and it was cold when the video was shot! 

Not into answering.
Korso - the place to get depressed ( and happy ). Btw, if you've seen the movie called Korso, I'm sorry to say my video is way better...
The depressed one trying to make it to the social services

Poor cute thing...
Trying to break away from depression. This cage scene was filmed at a traffic circle. I had the vision for  at least a year before I got to shoot the video. Walking pass the place and thinking: One day I'll film a music video there unsure if I ever could. Now it's done!
I'll somehow get out of this state of mind. Murdering Lights...maybe this time.