torstai 23. kesäkuuta 2016

NEWS: ' Murdering Lights ' on Kayak Big 25! - Scott Stambaugh review!

' Murdering Lights ' made it to Kayak Big 25 this week, yay!

It's a radio show that's aired on 37 selected college and FM radio stations around the world.
So hello, world! Hope you like my song! Here's the vlog about it:

The CEO of IndieMusicPeople did a rant to celebrate ' Lady Voices of Indie '. He said such nice things about ' Murdering Lights ' ! You can hear the part where he is commenting ' Murdering Lights ' and me here:

I am truly flattered.

I love Kurt Cobain.

( Love you a bit too, Scott )


p.s: Remember to buy this dmd cd.

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sunnuntai 19. kesäkuuta 2016

IndieMusicPeople: The Lady Voices Of Indie and how I reached NUMBER ONE on All Genres Chart

A few weeks ago a nice lady called Eve Delvecchio commented on my SoundCloud link at some Facebook group I had linked it ( SoundCloud Showcase, maybe....? ). She liked ' Murdering Lights ' very much and asked me to join It took a week to convince me to join, since I couldn't find a lot about it online. She said, if I'd join she'd add me to her internet radio station and she's sure she wouldn't be the only one at the community who'd do so. I said I need to ask a few instances about the copyright and so on.

The site is all about music lovers and independent artists. I've learned, that Eve Delvecchio does a lot of work to support the music she loves. I've done that too:  When I didn't have a music project of my own, I did some PR as a fan for Wedding Crashers and Neat Neat by going to their gigs, taking videos to YouTube, linking their stuff and telling my friends how I love them ' cause music is the most important thing to me and I love to help and support music I believe in. So, it's easy to understand Eve if you are a music lover, but in music business you'll have to be careful what you sign in for. 

I found out these are the popular artists who are also at to support smaller artists: Nine Inch Nails and Pete Townshend from The Who. I also found Juliette & The Licks from the site. You know, Juliette Lewis from movies like ' Gilbert Grape ' and ' Basketball Diaries'. 
I absolutely love her.

So, Eve told me she had told everyone at IMP about me and they are doing this compilation cd to support Breast Cancer Research Foundation, She'd love to have ' Murdering Lights ' on it. I had three days to decide if I join or not, 'cause they had the project almost done. So I was in a hurry - this all has happened so quickly! At the same time Matti Viikate wanted to interview me, but obviously and unfortunately I couldn't mention the compilation cd in that interview since I wasn't a 100% sure this would really happen. You can read the interview from here: Newsvine.

I decided to take a chance and created an artist profile to They are volunteers, so the site is not very much promoted. You can also make yourself a listener profile there and find lots of great music to listen if you are bored with the mainstream. The site is not like Deezer or Spotify when you look at it: There's no paid graphic designer who has polished it like the mainstream sites do. It's cozy, I think. A little flickery at times, but cute. The music they have is as good as you hear on the radio and even better ( Yep, it's better! ). It's like a hipster heaven: You get to say " I knew this artist before you did " a lot if you're into being unique like that ;).  

Eve has a big heart for music and artists. There's no words to describe how thankful I am for the support. I had to vlog 'cause I am so thankful and I freakin' hate vlogging.

So, if everyone can create an artist page there, how do you find the good music and skip the bad music? Who wants to search diamonds from, well, the crap, you might ask. You might start to think about poor production, self-made demo's and stuff...( It's what I thought at first but boy, was I wrong! )
Well, the answer is: They have 31 000 artists and they have a lot of internet radio stations the users have created. I've got one, too. Soooo, if a song is added to a lot of stations and a lot of people listen to it, it will rise on the charts. So in order to look for good songs to listen, check out the top of the charts. Easy. You don't have to register to listen or install anything or remember any passwords! 

They have a 141 pages long All Genres chart, and TonyGirl ' Murdering Lights ' reached page 1 and is number 1 on that chart. Got the message about it this morning from Eve. I was like, oh? Didn't even understand what it means! She patiently explained to me that the song got added to the site's most popular stations so a bunch of people found it, listened and liked it and it rose like a cream to the top ( Eve's words ). They have different charts for different genres so you'll find pretty much anything from there. A lot of diamonds in all shapes of music! It's a brilliant site!

Whatever Happens has been number 19-20 today. Thank you for that, too!

My both songs ' Murdering Lights ' and ' Whatever Happens ' have reached Alternative Chart Top 10, but now the case is ' Murdering Lights ' was number one at ALL GENRES list meaning all the songs on the whole site. Eve told me it's not an easy thing to do and it happened surprisingly quickly. I am amazed and thankful! Currently ' Whatever Happens ' is number #5 at Alternative Chart. 

So, yesterday when I was shopping for upcoming TonyGirl shootings, I got a message that the compilation charity dmd cd is now released. Lady Voices Of Indie
It will be send to radio stations and I hope all of you go to buy it so it will become popular and get the attention it deserves. So it'll more surely will be played on mainstream radio, too. If not my song, then one of those amazing ones like powerpop song ' All Over Now ' by Piranya or ' I'm not Baby Anymore ' by Francesca Tamellini or Taiacore's ' She Didn't Love You '. 
If you're into powerful alternative, folk and pop you should definately check this out

And if after listening to the tracks you want to buy it all proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research Foundation. For a very important cause. And: If you don't have the 12 dollars to buy it, you can still join the Event at Facebook and spread the word, right? Share the songs, the link to buy the album, please. It's no use to complain about the lack of diversity in mainstream music unless you look for something to listen elsewhere. I'm surprised how good the album is and I'm super proud to be on it. It's crazy, they are all so good and I get to be a part of it! I've added some of my fave's to my station at IMP from the cd. Almost every song! I am very honest with the list so if I add a song, I really like it.  They are not on my station ' cause they are my colleagues in ruling the indie world ;) Ladies, we are the queens! 

I still remember the moment when I recorded ' Murdering Lights ' at Rock Above Studio 2015. It was the first song I recorded in years. The song was hidden inside my computer for a year as my little secret. I used it as a secret hiding place, a happy place for me. I listened to it when I was depressed and waited for the right moment to release it. And yes, I also was insecure if it's good enough. Now I'm glad I had the courage in me to come out. I'm no longer a closet case rock artist. ;) The song has been out since March 14th 2016 and it feels awesome people have listened and liked it. Thank you so much, and thank you for your amazing comments like this one: 

So, I highly recommend all the artists and bands without a record label to sign to and all the listeners to check the site out and Like it at Facebook so it'll get more known. It'll be huge one day, I am sure of it. Thank you!

The album cover. 

p.s: The cause breast cancer deeply touches my heart for personal reasons. I pray for a friend every day to heal from cancer so to be able to do even something for the cause made me tear up yesterday when I saw my greetings on the page and got emotional. I don't like to talk about personal issues in public espeacially when they involve other people but this much I can say. 

HUOM, SUOMI: Jos olet artisti tai bändi, ja päätät liittyä sivulle niin linkitä sun IMP- artistisivu mun ylläpitämälle Taideprojekteja/Art Projects FB-ryhmään ( jotta huomaan sen )  niin jos mä pidän sitä promoamisen arvoisena niin lisään sen mielelläni TonyGirl's Favorites kanavalle ja vinkkaan Evelle. Jos Eve tykkää sun jutusta, se auttaa varmasti eteenpäin. Tuohon mun taideryhmään saa toki liittyä muutenkin. Kiitos ja onnea matkaan! :)

( Eve, I'm saying that if some finnish artists join IMP I ask them to let me know so if I like them I will add them to my station and I will send you a link to them and if you like them, they may succeed quicker )

sunnuntai 12. kesäkuuta 2016

TonyGirl for the president of the United States!

Some news!

Matti Viikate asked if he could interview me for his blog and an article in english. I said sure, and he send me some questions. Then he said he's waiting for the article to get approved. I was like okay...? Didn't know where would it be. 
Next thing was he send me a link to Newsvine where the article was published. HERE in case you missed it on the frontpage of this site. 
I laughed for days since when I went to check out the Newsvine site in general I saw my face in the middle of news about politics and stuff like that. Like, who's not a part of the gang: Barack Obama, Donald Trump, TonyGirl, Hillary Clinton...? HAHA. And it's my freakin' selfie there! :D :D

In case there's someone who would like to support TonyGirl but doesn't know how. If the project is featured somewhere: Go and give some comments! Even a one word makes a comment and helps. Thank you!

Thank you again, Matti Viikate for the article and all your comments. I'm glad you like my music! 
And thanks for everyone who have read and commented and Liked. 
Means a lot. May the tonygirlpower be with you forever!

With Love, TonyGirl

This is me with my dad. Confused since then to the day.  The exact same look  was on my face when I saw the Newsvine site.