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The wrap up of 2016 - My first full year active!

TonyGirl started releasing music in Halloween 2015, so the first full year active was the year 2016.
Let's have a look at it!

Murdering Lights: Underneath the fridge 

TonyGirl the chameleon started the year with androgynous style.  Depressed hiding under a bridge half naked and cold in Valentines Day 2016 when the photoshoot for the 2nd single ' Murdering Lights ' took place at wintery Korso. Click here to see more
Later that year I got a reason to really be depressed again...

Call the gender police, some people got confused!

Kaaoszine Magazine reviewed ' Murdering Lights ' 

On Feb 28th Kaaoszine reviewed ' Murdering Lights ' : " The intro of the song manages to sound a bit like 3 Doors Down song ' Here without you ' but then it changes to something completely different. It's a low tempo song about depression. The song opened up the second time I listened to it. It's not for everyone, but when it finds it's audience it will work for sure. ", wrote Sanna Uusi-Rasi. Big thanks to Kaaoszine. This started the year nicely!

Arvostelu suomeksi

Kiitos Kaaoszine hyvästä vuoden 2016 alusta

The Lady Voices Of Indie, Kayak Big 25 Chart and Golden Kayaks!

' Murdering Lights ' was released March 14th at Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc. Eve Delvecchio found ' Murdering Lights ' from Facebook group that was one of the many SoundCloud artist groups I had linked stuff to ( can't remember which one of them ) and asked me to join

So after thinking about it carefully I decided to live like I preach: " Whatever happens it's for the best.! " and uploaded both of my songs there.
At first and mostly ' Murdering Lights ' got all the attention there. It was the #1st on All Genres Chart and #1st on  Kayak Big 25 Chart and got nice reviews: " Wow this is like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins rolled into one. I could see this song as the backdrop of some film. I especially love the oohs at the end. There's nothing to criticize here, it was golden. ", wrote Bobby D.

" Epic in the true sense of the word. Sung with authority of Love but no harshness just pure power. Though depression is a hard topic, this song will get you through it. " - Heavy Rotation review

 Read those and more reviews here. 

The song was also chosen to be on ' Lady Voices of Indie ' compilation charity dmd cd to support Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

In September 14th 2016 also ' Whatever Happens ' rose to Kayak Big 25. What a nice surprise!
It climbed up to 2nd place and it's still on the chart after four months currently number #10.
I also got real excited when the song was 3# and Juliette Lewis had her song #1 that week.

Later in 2016, ' Murdering Lights ' was nominated at Golden Kayak Awards.

Thank you Eve, Scott and everyone else at IndieMusicPeople!
Without you, there wouldn't be much to write about the year ' 16. 

More about the awards

The Newswine article, Murdering Lights music video and the changes I had to make to my plans

The music video for ' Murdering Lights ' was released May 28th at YouTube. It got 2060 views in 2016. Let's make it at least 4000 this year, shall we...? Share the video with your friends at least once in 2017, please. ;) 

I also released the funny and weird Making of documentary. 

Matti Viikate wanted to interview me and sent the article to Newsvine. I talked about the song I was about to release later in the summer 2016. Thank you Matti for your support.

Then my long term friend and my love died in July.  It didn't feel good to release a reggae influnced smooth song about carefree living anymore. I've been really sad and tired ever since.

Also, I'm having his baby so I've been full of pregnancy hormones. Here's a photo of my pregnant shadow.

Like we all know 2016 took a lot of musicians.  He also was a musician, Intriga. He was doing a remix of ' Murdering Lights ' but didn't have the time. 
Here's his last released song ' Coolness Maximiser ' if you're into goa/psytrance. And here's a song from his another project called Dirty Device.  Memories. I wanted to link these here to give some respect to his work and for his memory I cherish in my heart.

So, back to business:  I didn't have another song recorded so I had to apologize I had already told I'm going to release a song but couldn't. Then I tried my best to get a new song out that year but failed. The Rock Above Studio I work at had a huge renovation and it delayed everything. I've learned: Never ever tell you're gonna release anything if you're unsure you can. I hope you forgive me: I've been in a shock in a new situation and trying my best.

Hurrying up with some new vocals. You can't really hurry art. 

Lazy ass musicians " working " ;) 

But all in all, I think 2016 was a good 1st whole year for TonyGirl*.

*TonyGirl the music project, not Tony the person who was sad, of course...

I want to thank all the listeners,  the followers at different social media platforms and all the people I worked with in 2016. Thanks for staying by my side! It means a lot! HUGE thanks! <3 

With love, TonyGirl the chameleon who magically changed from androgynous to a desperate housewife. There's a reason for the change but I'll tell U more about it later. ;) 


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The old version of ' Murdering Lights ' and some criminal activity!

Oh my, " someone " leaked an old demo version of ' Murdering Lights '

Here it is:

And " someone " went and sang some Britney:


Hope you like these!

Sorry for the long wait for a new song...