Internet Radio at IMP featuring TonyGirl

Hello! Here are some internet radio stations at IMP where I'm featured with other great independent artists. So, if you're into finding something new to listen, there are a lot of interesting songs and artists waiting for your ears.
You can also sign in as a listener to create your own internet radio station and find new fave's.
Or as an artist, you can sign in and upload your own music ( and create a station as well  ).
Here's my station: TonyGirl's Favorites

THANK YOU ALL THE STATION OWNERS FOR ADDING MY SONGS! It means a lot! The welcome has been so warm so far, that my face is burning with constant blushing. ( I featured some of your comments here )

So here we go with the stations I'm featured in. Click the station names to enjoy!

 The Women of IMP  The women of I'm honoured to be listed here! Thanks!

Eve's special reserve
I've been around long enough that I know which songs are my special favorites so here goes..

A great analyzis and huge compliments. THANK YOU, Eve! It's always nice when the uplifting part is picked from my darkness. 

Over The Moon  Chandra Moon from Bristol, UK loves the songs that resonate real life and are thought-proviking or moving. She enjoys everything from rock to chill out, so expect to find a real mix of tracks here.

Thank you Chandra for having me! 

The amazing new ladies of IMP
Their music speaks for them, this is a musical wave the likes of which we've never seen. I put some of my favorites at the top but it would've been too hard to put these in any order, they're all so good..

Heavy Rotation   Tracks with current or potential major representation on the playlists and charts at

Thank you Heavy Rotation. This comment sums up what I mean with the song. A huge compliment, THANK YOU!

Featured Songs This used to be known a Hitline. 

This Just In  looks for the best of what's new, fresh and exciting, as well as might have been overlooked. Update often. Here you'll find the most recent really outstanding songs uploaded to, plus a number of great ones you may have missed.

Eve's Branching out   TonyGirl says: Thank you Eve! Your new theme song in life. Wow. That's a huge compliment. I'm glad you like the song so much! :)

INDIE SPIRIT THE GRASS ROOTS OF INDIE ! Artists who wear their Indie roots on their sleeve Proud, and probably not in it for the $$$$$! the Music is the Message! mangled by Rob Barrer SILVERWOODSTUDIO
If you find your song here you are a true "indie" spirit!! Pete Steinberg

key  ( this station has no description )